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No two children are alike, and no one program or course of study will work effectively with every child's learning abilities.  


*Parent, teacher, tutor input is used to guide future support.


*We strive to ensure consistency with our tutors to build positive relationships. 

-We offer one-on-one sessions

-We offer small group sessions of 2-3 students

-We offer virtual learning sessions (as needed)

We depend on qualified instructors and a variety of resources to help each student.


*Our instructional method is fluid: we modify instructional materials used and learning strategies implemented to meet learning goals.


Intentional collaboration provides essential insight on student daily progress that can benefit the individualized educational support plan.


How is this achieved?

*Conferences with tutor and/or director

*Director participation in parent/teacher conferences

*Director participation in IEP/EP meetings

*Email/phone correspondence with parent/school representatives


*Progress monitoring varies depending on individualized plan developed.  

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In The


Celebrating YOU!

Thank you to all the teachers, parents, families, and community members that are working together to ensure our children are continuing to engage in meaningful learning experiences. Our children are worth it, and your efforts are worth celebrating!

May 1st, 2020

Virtual Learning Sessions

To best serve our students, we are making oursevles accessible by bringing our skills to your home.

March 23rd, 2020

Spring Break!

We wish our families safe break together.

March 9th, 2020

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