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We Will Supervise and Instruct.

We can encourage your student to take meaningful notes, assist in creating study guides, and complete all assignments correctly. Our goal is to teach your child how to study independently at home.


Check out the tips below.

Strategy Saturday

Creative Application...

We will create real world opportunities to- -strengthen critical thinking skills

-promote student-led discussion

-engage in project-based learning


Apply and challenge your understanding in a unique, activity based program.

TEN Study Tips for YOU

1. Use a Planner---no excuses.

Paper or paperless, planners help you keep track of important dates and information.

2. Have a Set Study Time.

Study times may vary with the week’s activities, but each day needs to have an assigned study time. Use a few hours on the weekends for reading and taking notes so that the weekdays do not become overwhelming.


Distractions distract. Music is a great way to compromise. Recognize what works best for you.

4. Study for 20 to 30 minutes. Take a ten minute break.

Struggle with focusing and/or staying on task? Chunk your time. Establish realistic goals and take frequent breaks. 

5. Have a well-stocked and quiet study area.

Make sure the study area is quiet and free from traffic. Have materials prepared and together prior to beginning (notes, notecards, pencils, computer, books, etc)

6. Plan backwards for tests and projects.

As soon as a teacher assigns a project or posts a test date, begin planning backwards. For projects, plan from the day before the project is due. Allows times to ask follow up questions, get materials, and accomodate any technological mishaps! For tests, the night before should be a complete review, and the two or three nights before should be reviews of sections or concepts. 


7. Take notes from the textbooks.

Ex- Cornell Notes, two column notes: one column, list the main ideas from the text. In the other column, write notes from class/text. 

8. Use note cards for studying.

Write out note cards or use the site to make note cards online and to share other students’ cards. Quiz yourself ot know what you understand and still need to study. 

9. Make friends with the super-organized students in your classes.

Everyone gets sick, has a bad day, or forgets to write down an assignment. Know who to call to get notes, assignments or help on homework.

10. Believe you deserve good grades.

If you believe you deserve A’s and B’s, you will work hard to earn those grades. Give yourself the opportunity to be successful. YOU deserve it.

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